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Solution application & How-to videos

Duration: 9:27

Configure your Define Instruments IoT device, create your Define.Live account and visualize your data with widgets.

Duration: 3:46

Set up your Nimbus IoT or Zen IoT device with WorkBench software.

Duration: 1:34

Using Workbench to connect your Define Instruments IoT device to Define Cloud Services.

Duration: 2:01

Define.Live user account invitation and activation for using Define Cloud Services (DCS).

Duration: 2:27

Building a dashboard of widgets to display your data in a meaningful way.

Duration: 3:45

Setting alarm notifications for individuals inside Define Cloud Services (DCS).

Duration: 1:03

How to generate reports from your sensor data inside the Define Cloud Services dashboard.

Duration: 2:53

Managing customers, customer groups and devices from your Define.Live account.

Duration: 1:20

A gold mine needs to get signals from a water treatment plant 2km away, back to a PLC in the control room at the mine's main site.

Duration: 1:15

A hilltop reservoir needs to maintain a consistent water level by communicating with a pump station at the base of the hill.