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Define WorkBench

Simple software to program your Zen series device

Define WorkBench is a fully featured configuration and data viewing program, compatible with all Zen series control stations, including the Nimbus IoT, Zen Datalogger, Zen RTU/U, Zen RTU/R and Zen IoT Gateway as well as legacy ZEN-16's.

N.B. WorkBench 3 is compatible with legacy ZEN firmware 2.0.0 and later. For earlier firmware WorkBench 1.2.15 is also available. Please select the correct version when you receive the download link.

New Feature!

NEW Simulation Mode

Simulation Mode allows you to simulate any Zen unit:

  • Demonstrate or experiment with configuration settings
  • Configure inputs, outputs, setpoints and more
  • View a demo data log
  • Save and export your simulated configuration

All without connecting to a physical unit!

This feature enables a support agent to mirror your application, troubleshoot your setup, then email you the correct configuration, for fast remote assistance with no need to courier the product back and forth.

Simple to Use

Packaged in a user-friendly, uncluttered design, WorkBench offers a simple interface for setting up and scaling input and output channels, and configuring setpoints and totalizers.

Dynamic Help Panel

Dynamic Help Panel

The dynamic help panel tracks your setup progress, and unobtrusively presents wiring diagrams, explanations, and examples of use.

Not sure what a feature is for or how to configure it? Simply click on the control button, text box or label, and all of the information that you need will appear in the panel on the right.

Data Log Visualization

Make the most of the Zen Datalogger's powerful logging features with the WorkBench Data Viewer. This feature enables you to to easily view, graph and download your logged data for easy analysis:

  • View a line graph, a distribution graph, or tabulated data 
  • Customize which channels are displayed
  • Export data to CSV for further processing

Expand Functionality with Plugins

WorkBench offers a range of flexible features to suit a wide variety of applications. Free plugin modules are also available, to further expand the functionality of your Zen:

  • The Modem Plugin enables wireless connectivity with your Zen, including remote access, SMS/email alerts, and scheduled data log emails.
  • The Remote I/O Plugin allows a Zen to mirror the analog and/or digital inputs and outputs of a second field Zen device at a remote location.

Versatile Setpoint Modes

WorkBench offers a wide range of setpoint modes with simple selectable data source, and configuration options for either Alarms or On/Off controls.

Get Define WorkBench

Define WorkBench V3.2.7, 23-Dec-2020 | (48MB)
General Specifications
Skill level
Suitable for most users with an entry level understanding of control systems.
Current version
V3.2.7 (Last updated 23-Dec-2020)
System Requirements
Operating system
Windows 8/10
Requires the .NET framework (pre-installed on most computers – the installer will prompt you if .NET 2.0 is not detected on your computer). Download .NET 2.0

Date of Release:

System requirements:
Operating system: Windows 8/10.
Platform: .NET 4.5.2 framework.

This 3.x.x version can coexist on the same computer with the earlier 2.x.x releases.


- Add error description to "Modem"
- Minor changes in the user interface


- Fix error in "Cloud Transfer" due to different windows language
- Fix bugs of setting service providers in "Modem"

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