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Define ToolBox

Smart, simple software to program your non-Zen series products

New Feature!

NEW Simulation Mode

Simulation Mode allows you to simulate any ToolBox-compatible product:

  • Demonstrate or experiment with configuration settings
  • Configure inputs, outputs and setpoints
  • Save and export your simulated configuration

All without connecting to a physical unit!

This feature enables a support agent to mirror your application, troubleshoot your setup, then email you the correct configuration, for fast remote assistance with no need to courier the product back and forth.

Simple and Flexible Input/Output Setup

Simple & Flexible Input/Output Setup

Define ToolBox offers a range of flexible features – with easy selectable defaults for the novice user, and advanced options for the expert:

  • Selectable pre-calibrated ranges, for easy setup and scaling without a calibrator
  • Automatic or manual output scaling
  • Linearization tables for complex scaling – perfect for unusual tank shapes

Versatile Setpoint Modes

For compatible products with Setpoint features, ToolBox offers a wide range of setpoint modes.

Whether you need simple Alarms and On/Off Controls, or application-specific Dual-Setpoint Modes for heating and cooling equipment or pumps, ToolBox has a simple, selectable option to suit.

Help Sidebar

Help Sidebar

ToolBox tracks your progress as you set up your unit, displaying relevant information, wiring diagrams, and examples of use.

Not sure what a feature is for or how to configure it? Simply click on the control button, text box or label, and all of the information that you need will appear in the panel on the right.

Import or Export your Settings

Import or Export your Settings

It’s now easy to back up and restore your setup, using ToolBox’s easy Import/Export feature. Use it to:

  • Clone a configuration
  • Save a restore point before making changes
  • Email setup files for support and troubleshooting

Configuration Certificate

The Configuration Certificate is a formatted summary of all settings and wiring diagrams for the connected unit, presented in PDF format for easy printing, saving and sharing.

Designed for distributors, the certificate is ideal for dispatch with a pre-configured product, and offers customisable fields for support information.

Get Define ToolBox

Define ToolBox V1.6.6, 18-Jul-2017 | (43.2MB)
General Specifications
Skill level
Suitable for all users. Easy to install and use.
Current version
V1.6.6 (Last updated 18-Jul-2017)
System Requirements
Operating system
Windows 7/8/10
Requires the .NET framework (pre-installed on most computers – the installer will prompt you if .NET 2.0 is not detected on your computer). Download .NET 2.0

Date of release:

System requirements:
- Operating system: Windows 7/8/10
- Platform: .NET 2.0 framework.

- Support for Sentry no display build.
- New head mount transmitter wiring diagrams in help.

- Incorrectly sized analog output help image.
- P2P input -200mV to 1V range changed from 3 to 4 decimal places to correct scaling issue.

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