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  • Bridge Key Universal USB Communications Kit

    Easy Software Programming of a Range of Define Products

    Bridge Key

    What it does:
    The Bridge Key is the required hardware to enable the WorkBench or Toolbox software to communicate with your product. Required for any Zen, Nimbus, Javelin, Twin Link, Sentry, Merlin, Pathfinder or TM Series transmitter.

    The reusable Bridge Key and communications kit is compatible with all USB-programmable Define Instruments products. It contains the hardware required for PC connection to your compatible device.

    The kit contains:

    • 1x USB Bridge Key
    • 1x Interface cable
    • 1x Head-mount adaptor (for head-mount transmitters only)
    • 1x USB extension cable

    Compatible with:

    The Bridge Key is required for product setup

    Bridge Key connected
    Kit Contents
    Bridge Key
    USB programmer, type A USB connection
    Interface cable
    2.3ft (70cm), connects Bridge Key programmer to your compatible device
    Head mount adaptor
    Enables connection to TM-2HL and TM-2HLI head mount transmitters
    USB extension cable
    3.3ft (1m) length, Type A male/female USB connectors. Simplifies access for USB ports mounted at the rear of the computer etc.
    Define ToolBox
    Click here for more information and product compatibility
    Define WorkBench
    Click here for more information and product compatibility

    Bridge Key Manual Bridge Key Manual 16V04, 24-Nov-2016 | (343 KB)

    Define WorkBench

    Define WorkBench

    Simple software to program your Zen series device

    Use Define WorkBench to simulate, configure and view data for all Zen series control stations, including:

    With a user-friendly, uncluttered design, WorkBench offers a simple interface for setting up and scaling your Zen unit, as well as retrieving and graphing your datalog.

    N.B. Version 3 features Simulation Mode and is only compatible with legacy ZEN-16 firmware 2.0.0 and later.

    Define ToolBox

    Define ToolBox

    Smart, simple software to program your non-Zen series products

    Use Define ToolBox software to program your non-Zen series product via your PC. It configures:

    It offers a simple interface for connecting to your compatible device, and a range of flexible configuration options, including an extensive library of pre-calibrated ranges and linearization tables for advanced scaling.

    Bridge Key

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