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New simulation mode eliminates need to ship problem products back to support center

Published: 12-Apr-2016
Simulation mode software update
Never need to ship an instrument back again, Simulation mode allows remote problem solving by tech support

Latest software update allows tech support to resolve issues without sighting problem instrument

Define Instruments releases an update to both it’s free software applications: ToolBox and WorkBench.

The update includes a new “Simulation Mode” which emulates a connection to Define Instruments products.

This is extremely useful for customers experiencing problems as tech support can mirror the instrument’s application to troubleshoot any configuration issues without requiring the customer to return the instrument to Define Instruments’ support centre.

“We’ve eliminated the need to box up the instrument and ship it back to us”, explains Define Instruments Sales Manager, Rolla Afrogheh.

“That means no more waiting around – with Simulation Mode customers can get back to finalizing their application, fast”, he says.

Once the issue is resolved, the support team can email the correct configuration file to the customer who simply needs to connect their instrument and load the supplied file.

Simulation mode also provides a way to take a “test drive” of the software. Previously the software was only viewable when connected to an instrument, the latest release now allows customers to explore the capabilities of the software using an emulated connection to range of Define Instruments products.

Another feature of the update is a lockdown mode allowing control of the access privileges to the configuration setup. Tech administrators grant permissions via password protection.

“When it comes to configuration changes, our customers have expressed a need to limit who gets to play with what in certain scenarios.”, says Mr Afrogheh.


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