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End accidental parameter changes on your panel meter

Published: 01-Sep-2015
Merlin panel meter
The new Merlin panel meter is set up via your PC and accepts AC or DC current.

Most programmable panel meters require the user to set up the unit by pressing buttons on it’s exterior. It’s commonly required that several buttons are pressed several times to configure several settings specific to the user’s application.

In the field the problem is parameters are often accidentally altered in handling the unit, one slip of the finger being the root of many headaches. Another cause of frustration is “setting overshoot” when the user inadvertently presses too many times and overshoots the desired setting. This means “scrolling through again” for the user which, while not being a distaster can be a disheartening waste of their time.

To address these in-field hassles Define Instruments developed a new type of panel meter.

Introducing the Merlin: a buttonless panel meter

The Merlin has no buttons to press, instead set-up is achieved via a PC using software and a USB connection.

Less than a minute to set up

The Merlin is configured using Define’s free ToolBox software. Simple drop down menus enable users to access the input types and modes in seconds. Using the calibrated ranges the unit can be scaled into engineering units in no time and without the use of a calibrator.

All this can be done from the comfort of the office using the USB port of your computer to power the meter. No need to leave the lab or sweet talk a tech into wiring power to the unit.

In the field, parameters are often accidentally altered during handling of the panel meter

No manual required

ToolBox expertly guides users through both simple applications and more complicated control strategies without having to understand more than is needed. The help sidebar provides details on wiring, sensor type and diagrams explaining the relay function selected.

Toolbox software configures the unit

40% shallower than standard meters

No more scraping the skin off your knuckles and trying to squeeze the enclosure door shut. The Merlin is an easy fit and goes places other panel meters cannot.

Accepts both AC and DC power

No need to stock separate high voltage and low voltage units, now you just need one: this one! The Merlin accepts 24-250V A C or 19.5 - 250V DC.

Universal Input

The Merlin boasts 6 input types and 31 modes and ranges making it one of the most flexible meters in the market today. Inputs: Potentiometer, V, TC, mA, Freq, NTC.

Useful features like printing a PDF of the meter configuration and wiring or saving and retrieving setups from files saves time for the professional distributor and end user alike.

UL Certified

Giving you confidence in the quality of this product. The Merlin has endured rigoruous testing and has been awarded UL certification.

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