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Define Instruments launches the Sentry universal voltage trip amplifier for industrial monitoring and alarm applications

Published: 15-Mar-2016
Sentry trip amplifier
The Sentry accepts a wide range of input signals, and provides great in-field flexibility because it works with both AC or DC voltage.

Industrial automation and control instrumentation specialists Define Instruments today announces the launch of it's new product: the Sentry trip amplifier.

The Sentry is a compact, DIN rail mountable signal conditioner measuring just 0.91" wide.

Described as the “Swiss Army knife” of trip amplifiers, it’s primary use is in industrial monitoring and alarming applications. The Sentry "watches over" scenarios where monitoring is vital e.g. monitoring the temperature of cold storage for foodstuffs, and alarms when signals exceed safe parameters.

Define Instruments Inc Business Development Manager, Rolla Afrogheh says: "I'm excited to announce the release of the Sentry as there's been frequent requests from customers for us to fill one of the last gaps in our transmitter and signal conditioner range. This product is a response to this."

The Sentry accepts 7 signal input types (Potentiometer, V, Tc, mA, Freq, NTC and RTD) and works with both AC or DC voltage (24-250V AC or 19.5-250V DC). This provides in-field flexibility as it can be plugged in to whatever power source is available and eliminates the risk of the unit being accidentally blown up by use of an incorrect power supply.

It has 2 relay outputs for alarm or control applications and an optional isolated analogue output, which converts signals to 0-10V or 4-20mA for forwarding to a PLC or SCADA systems.

A unique and distinguishing feature of the Sentry is it’s 4 digit display, a big advantage for easy commissioning and fault finding.

Additionally the Sentry supplies the excitation required for common sensors and transmitters.

Configuration takes just 60 seconds using Define’s complimentary ToolBox software. The ToolBox software includes wiring diagrams and application examples to assist the less technically knowledgeable to program the unit with the minimum of hassle.


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