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Define Instruments announces new mini SCADA RTU for industrial instrumentation market

Published: 20-Feb-2017
Zen RTU Mini
Consulting-Specifying Engineers save on cabling costs and DIN Rail space using the Zen RTU Mini

Define Instruments, a leading manufacturer of industrial instrumentation, today announced the release of its Zen RTU Mini, a monitoring and control DAQ unit for industrial analog signals.

A breakthrough for data acquisition applications requiring the collation of multiple signals and signal types, the Zen RTU Mini collates up to 16 signals for direct routing to SCADA systems or PLCs.

Measuring just 3.98 x 1.38 x 4.72", the compact Zen RTU Mini fits into smaller enclosures and saves DIN rail space, shaving more off the cost of installation.

“For many applications available space is a primary concern,” explains Define Instruments Business Development Manager, Rolla Afrogheh. “Every additional square inch adds cost, from the size of the enclosure to the footprint on the DIN rail itself.”

“The Zen RTU Mini goes where other larger units cannot. Customers like to keep things neat and compact for both cost and for future capacity considerations.” says Mr Afrogheh.

Running cables from sensors to DAQ units is expensive and installing wiring reduces the portability of the application, e.g. if the hardware needs moving to new premises. As a remedy, the Zen RTU Mini has a wireless option so customers retain flexibility and are unburdened from the cost of cabling.

For optimum data acquisition flexibility, the unit features “universal input” accepting a wide range of signal types including: thermocouple, RTD, mA, mV, V, frequency and pulse. This reduces the number of separate instruments required, further reducing costs and keeping things simple for maintenance and troubleshooting.

Each input channel of the Zen RTU Mini is galvanically isolated, ensuring a clean and steady signal for high reliability in harsh industrial environments.

Additionally the unit has four digital inputs and an RS485 Modbus/RTU port. Plus an Ethernet port that can be selected as Modbus TCP.

About Define Instruments
With an ethos of simplicity and usability, Define Instruments manufacture smart and powerful products for industrial process measurement, indication and control. For 26 years Define Instruments have built innovative instrumentation for engineers who value products which don't require a high level of technical knowledge, can be configured in minutes and require little or no ongoing maintenance. Define Instruments offer their engineering design expertise to customize these products to suit your application. Define Instruments is ISO9001:2008 International Quality Standard accredited.

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