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Scientists urge WHO to take action on indoor air quality to tackle coronavirus

May 28, 2020 Admin

A new petition is calling for the World Health Organisation to act quickly to establish indoor air quality guidelines to reduce the spread of airborne diseases such as coronavirus.   Read this article »

Mounting evidence points to air quality as contributing factor in COVID-19 pandemic

May 20, 2020 Admin

As the world continues to fight the coronavirus pandemic there is a growing body of evidence that shows air quality has played a significant role in both the transmission and health outcomes of those affected by COVID-19.  Read this article »

EPAs List of Volatile Organic Compounds in order of toxicity

May 18, 2020 Admin

Volatile Organic Compounds are organic chemical compounds that negatively affect the environment and human health. They evaporate at normal room temperature and pressure and are present in both indoor and outdoor environments.   Read this article »

3 high profile workplace VOC violation lawsuits that cost companies millions of dollars

May 14, 2020 Admin

As the issue of maintaining healthy Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in the workplace becomes more prevalent, companies are being taken to task for ignoring the harmful effects of poor air quality on their employees.  Read this article »

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