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  • PSU-24 24V Power Supply

    DIN Rail Mounting


    What it does:
    Low noise power supply specifically designed for industrial instruments.

    This instrument power supply is designed differently from a general purpose power supply. Emphasis is placed on withstanding and rejecting EMI events, such as transients associated with close by unsnubbered contactors etc.

    This is achieved by second and third stage filtering in both common and normal mode configurations, and constructing the transformer with inherent shielding to reject unwanted signals. This combination of techniques eliminates the need for a Y cap between the primary and secondary, increasing the impedance to high frequency transients by an order of magnitude or more.

    At a glance:

    • Powers up to 10x 4-20mA 2-wire loops
    • Overload protection
    • Low noise
    • High accuracy (2%)
    • Compact DIN rail mounting unit
    Supply voltage
    85-265V AC/DC
    Power output
    24V DC, 200mA
    Mains isolation
    250V AC
    Isolation voltage
    Mains to output: 3000V AC, 50Hz. Mains to earth: 1500V AC, 50Hz.
    General Specifications
    Ambient drift
    ≤ ±0.01%/°C FSO typical
    RF immunity
    < 1% effect FSO typical
    Output ripple
    4mV rms/25mVpp max
    Load regulation
    < 0.1%
    Line regulation
    < 0.1%
    Short circuit tolerance
    35mm DIN rail mount case
    Dimensions (H x W x D)
    3.1 x 1.2 x 2.8" (79 x 30 x 70mm)
    LED indication
    Status LED for output voltage indication:
    LED On= Output exceeds 18V
    LED Off= No output
    Environmental Conditions
    Operating temperature
    32–140°F (0–60°C)
    Storage temperature
    –4 to 176°F (–20 to 80°C)
    Operating humidity
    5–85% RH max
    Certifications & Compliances
    EN55022-A (EMC Emission). EN50082-1 (EMC Immunity). EN60950 (Safety).

    PSU-24 Manual PSU-24 Manual 15V05, 05-Oct-2015 | (79 KB)


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