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How Engineers Find Information [INFOGRAPHIC]

Feb 27, 2018 Admin

This infographic reveals the information consumption habits of engineers during a buying cycle. It shows how they consume engineering content to help them make buying decisions.  Read this article »

The drastic limitations of Sigfox and LoRa that nobody is talking about

Feb 09, 2018 Admin

In the last year there has been much discussion about the increasing demand for low power long-range wireless devices to serve the need of the emerging IIoT market. This technology is collectively known as LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) and the main players (and unsurprisingly, those making the most noise) in this category are Sigfox, LoRa, CAT-M1 and NB-IOT technology. While evangelists for these respective technologies naturally claim that theirs is the one true solution, all is not as it seems.  Read this article »

Can the IIoT save the water and wastewater industries?

Oct 19, 2017 Admin

Public utilities are in a sorry state in many U.S. cities, no more so than in the water and wastewater sectors. Due to restricted spending and the “invisible” nature of the problems related to the water industry, investment has been deferred for years and the infrastructure has been bereft of the care and attention it so desperately needs.  Read this article »

SCADA systems vs IIoT solutions

Jun 02, 2017 Admin

Over the last 12 months I have consulted on many IIoT projects for industrial companies across the U.S. These companies have varied from value-added distributors to systems integrators to end users.   Read this article »

Why Cloud Edge Processing is the future of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Mar 27, 2017 Admin

As the Industrial Internet of Things marches forever closer, companies are looking at tangible ways to their improve their workflow, productivity and efficiency.  Read this article »

Smaller is bigger: introducing the Zen RTU Mini SCADA RTU

Feb 24, 2017 Admin

If you need to get multiple signals from various types of sensors into a PLC or SCADA system and you're pushed for space, specify the new Zen RTU Mini from Define Instruments.   Read this article »

Hacked! How 4,227 customers had their credit card data stolen

Dec 12, 2016 Admin

Aug 31, 2012 is a day that one Arizona company will never forget. Events of that day are now clear but for many weeks following the incident, staff and investigators alike drew a blank.   Read this article »

How one Industrial IoT device began generating thousands of dollars and helped a business upscale

Nov 24, 2016 Admin

How clever implementation of Industrial Internet of Things (IioT) devices like the Zen IoT Gateway generated thousands of dollars and helped an industrial company to upscale.  Read this article »

Signal isolation for DAQ and data logging

Oct 13, 2016 Admin

The Zen series was designed as a data acquisition system for SCADA systems and PLC’s in the industrial arena.  Read this article »

Essential facts about RS232, RS485 and RS422 serial ports

Sep 12, 2016 Admin

Here we examine the history of the 3 serial interfaces used today and explore the common issues found with them and the benefits of each of the 3 different connections.  Read this article »